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Friday, February 25, 2011

When a Girl Hurt

A story about a girl always hid her heart...

She is about to hope that she will be recover, then she will laugh every seconds... but sometimes she told me, that she was the craziest girl... Why because she still cries when she remembers the things... and still asking, why should it happen? Why? She said she can feel the hurt in every inch of her blood nerve... 

She always asking me, what should she do? And i always told her... Keep smile and against your tears... but u can caries on my shoulder as long as you need me, I will be here. One day I come to her, I see her tears... even though she is smile and look happy... but I can see deep on her dark brown eyes that she is suffered in missing somebody... I never dare to ask her to forget him because it will be impossible.  

My dear girl, be tough enough, soon you will smile again. But i know it’s takes years to forget, it’s risk the future and she is dare to choose it... what to do... hurting by person u LOVED one the most is the killers in silent for you if you try to forget it either to remember it. You will be loved but you can love anymore. She told me that, every time... and I passes the day without her and I know how much she cried on that day... its hurt even u can’t see the tears... it’s kill you when you still love but can belong to it anymore... friend be brave and be what you want ~Win~

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