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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learn to say 'NO'

what a beautiful scenery  kan?

Last Night On around 1.47am, i got a phone called from my friend. A Sabahan friend and also study in same university... besides, we both know since primary school... while I m thinking to answer it or no, my fingers act more and I talked to the caller.
It’s too late already to ask a person to do something for nor u but someone else... Beside’s I am in progress to finish my assignment that need to present  today... I know the caller would mad at me but I don’t care anymore as long as i say YES to all that people ask... I m dead alone when my things are miserable and I got extra headache... I say no but the caller keep asking like he/she didn’t heard my answer and only answer he/she expect is “YES” that always speak out loud from my articulation...
But I can’t stand it and I can’t help them coz I have my own task and really need to finish it…
Sorry friend… I am learned to say ‘NO’ now.

( Kalau kamu, apa kamu buat?)

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beaty said...

Apa dia minta tolong ko buat??aya kalo mau minta tkg buat assignment seja peduli bah

- zuriey - said...

entahler.. susah nak cakap

panda montel said...

Beaty: hehehe nda ba... da suh sa tulung kawan dia.... huhu dan perlu sa bangun awal untuk hadir event tu... sorry sa bilang laaaa hehehe

Zuriey: sabar ye... ppl banyak macm ni... as we grow up... heee find way to settle it ...

LOve ya...

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

baru ler ada pendirian
hidup nih kena tegas sikit dear
kalau x mahu dibuli'

100 Kerja Kosong Sepanjang Tahun 2011"
Korang pernah main game ni?"

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