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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's MOMMY Birthday...

Gambar ku dengan mami d A.pot tahun lepas.. ngeee

Hi, today is mommy birthday.. waaa... tadi mommy call. Lama dia call dalam 53 minit...  free kan.. ngee~~~ She is keep talking about my lil sis boyfriend... She told me that the boy is an IBAN... What? Deq... are u sure... waah jauh adik aku cari boyfriend yee sampai ke Sarawak... ye ke dia tinggal kat Sarawak? Entah2 dia bangsa iban tinggal kat SABAH> ngeee~~~ then mommy keep make me jealous with telling me that my sister and my lil sis  is celebrating her buffday and buy her a CAKE and done some barbecue. Huuu n I’m really jealous... it’s the third times I were not at home while mommy birthday.. and it keep me sad.. feeling bad... After diZ I plan to send her a BUffday Gift such like GREEN, & GINSENG JUN GONG DETOX FOOT PATCH. This for make her feel better. Ngee~~~ wait for it ya mommy...

Lastly.. HAPPY BUFFDAY MOMMY. I love u....

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Bace dah, Gelak dah, Nangeh da? Hmm KOMEN LEEE.. :P

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