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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Doubts Is Everyway

I tried to run away some days before but I made the situation become difficult and it really insulting me. I have doubts in my opinion and decision. I don’t know why but I have to move on and keep this go on. I have to faces all this. My family especially my mum said she turn down on me and let me do everything in my decision made by myself and she will never interrupt me anymore.  It  make an unusual  to me. Being under her controlled for my 22nd live before and suddenly she freed me all mine. I believe that every person dreamed it and ever had experienced about that.
Now, it’s come to me and I feel free. But deep inside in my heart, I have doubts to facing my future. What if I ruin’s my life? What if I done a wrong decision? Does everyone done it right and correct? No.  And I am afraid if I’m the one of those who failure. I don’t want any failure in my life anymore.
I saw so many fail in the rest of my life before. I saw my broken family. I saw two of my sister done wrong in their life, and I saw mum (auntie) and uncle got scolded each other. I read on newspaper, watch on tv, heard from the radio and find in google engine how many persons done wrong decision in their life. I do not want to be listed in there. I want myself succeed.
I make a new relationship after the first one fail two years before.  I began a new one and I hope with so many doubts in me, I can face everything, anything, and whatever problems come ahead. With him I feel perfect.  He makes me feel loved by someone. I am not such a good girl to admire by a man. But he does loves everything about me.  Thanks my dear… I love him.

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