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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendship Is More than A relationship.

To be loyal o no in your friendship is your choice. 

If u is loyal enough and you are sincere enough. Good.

But think twice if you found urself are being ‘use’ for a ‘thing’ in your friendship.

Leave it coz Lot of people out there is sincere enough to be your friend.

Find a friend or may be friends who u can share everything whether it is happiness or it is tears.

True friend shall do everything to you without expecting rewards.

But u must do the same to her/him too without expecting anything from them.

So... have you found yours? I think I’ve found mine. Thanks to them... friend 4ever.

Miss u “Pren”.  I will never forget you. Even though we haven’t see for a long time in face to face.

Untuk kawan2 aku yg setia kat PANDAMONTEL, tak ada had tertentu yang ‘dicakapkan’ untuk persahabatan. so sahabat alam maya ku, korang tetap hot and spicy dear...

P/s: kekadang aku rasa, korang dekat dengan aku la.TQ.

 Yang Penting HATI Bah.


dill said...

yes, i have found one. she is always by my side when i laugh or cry.

sincerity is very important in friendship. :)


panda montel said...

@dillyearp... thats true dill

panda montel said...

@dillyearp... thats true dill

p[A]n[A]d[O]L said...

opsss, aku x spicy ok..
hot jak..hahaha

Shila said...

tetiba rasa hot..

walaupun first time smpai sini..


Intanberlian said...

hai wen! finally dah balik msia for good. now m missing my friends T_T

Pen MErah said...


Unknown said...

hati kiter tu kena terima

panda montel said...

@p[A]n[A]d[O]L hahaha kunun la kau sana kan pan? hehe

panda montel said...

@missSenget alaaa sampai ati nyee... 1st time keeee... org dah selalu benor ke miss senget hehe

panda montel said...

@Intanberlian wwwwwaaaaa welcome back btw

panda montel said...

@Pen MErah hehehhe agreee je ye kak hehe

panda montel said...

@apik pehe erkkkk wen tetibe tak faham la apek

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