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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Let us face it, when you go down to the mall or to your daily class,  it seems that so many people are forgetting the basic fashion rules and consequently the talk of the night is about, "How in the world could she be so silly in putting that together?" Whether you like it or not, the world is a tough place and there is no industry tougher than the clothes you wear. If you do not want to be tarred as a fashion tragic then here are the Top 5 Fashions Mistakes you must avoid!
Mistake Number 1: Wearing the Wrong Size Clothes
So many people get this wrong. Always buy appropriate size clothing, if the clothing doesn't fit, simply don't wear it. If you are losing weight, then make sure you buy clothes that fit the size you are now. When buying clothes make sure that you check the sizing and make sure the size is suitable for you. There are different size charts around the world, for example medium in Asia is different to a medium in the USA and a medium in Europe.
Mistake Number 2: Wearing Clothes that are Unironed
You must never going into public looking wrinkled. This sends a message to the people around you that you are not proud of your appearance and who you are. It takes no more than 10 minutes to iron your clothes. Here is a quick tip: if you want to decrease the time it takes to iron your clothes, hang them up once you have worn them.
Mistake Number 3: Wearing to Many Colours
Wearing way to many different colours can totally confuse the appearance you wish to portray. Keep your colouring simple and plain. If you are unsure how to colour match your clothes look on the web or in high fashion magazines and they will show you the right look.
Mistake Number 4: Choosing the Wrong Accessories
 Over accessorising an ensemble is as much a fashion mistake as under accessorising. Remember you are not a Christmas Tree, choose items that centuate the fashion item. For example if you are wearing a plain black dress then a necklace of pearls and a pearl bracelet is an appropriate choice. It would not be appropriate to then add a broach as well.
Mistake Number 5: Wearing Green and Red
Why ladies insist on doing this is beyond me. Wearing Green and Red together is a very poor choice. Always colour match to ensure the colours accentuate your look not make you look like a Christmas Tree. Green and Red unfortunately don't work together as colours.


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