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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook Conversation (comments)

 the conversation below is one of my most fav. and i love to do it when i got my free times....i love to talk... 
  • Lim Chee Sen wow!! nice song, those song are for us to listen but not to bring back bad memory..ok?where you fall is where you stand not need to wait till other day than stand up.right?be strong..ok?
    56 minutes ago · · 1 personYou like this. ·
  • Wen Winda Wink hehehe of course friend. they r my fav song and some is awsome to me coz every time i felt down, some of em cheer me up.. how blessed i am... Thanks anyway... i put it oso in my blog
    52 minutes ago · ·
  • Lim Chee Sen nice to know u know how to cheer yourself,cos sometime song can make people more upset n down..u know?
    35 minutes ago · ·
  • Wen Winda Wink hehehe ya... i know... but all thats totally depend to us rite... dun be fool to b upset juz by a song... hehe
    30 minutes ago · ·
  • Lim Chee Sen sometime just can't help it,those words came in on the right time n on the lousy it hurt sometime..i believe i felt it before..right?
    27 minutes ago · ·
  • Wen Winda Wink hehehe yeah ur rite, sumtime it wil be dat way. hurt and painful, me either but its ok as long as we didn't too emo rite. let it go and accept the future... the rest of it, leave it to the Creator, To GOD.
    21 minutes ago · ·
  • Lim Chee Sen sometime GOD seem far or HIS back is agaist us..or we just fall into temptation,..right?
    18 minutes ago · ·
  • Wen Winda Wink heeee dif. pple see the things in dif way. but yeah... sumtimes its like dat. But see our own life la... the way we live our life.. then we might know why thats happen. why GOD let it happen.. ( mee too facing da probs.. same probs)
    15 minutes ago · ·
  • Lim Chee Sen the problem start from the begining n problem never seem to after another..maybe GOD is very free to listen to each n every problem ,hor?right?yes?
    12 minutes ago · ·
  • Wen Winda Wink God is GOD. there is nothing impossible to GOD. its the human who limited every things. remember God know every inch of our body. even every pieces of our hair is counts ( Matthew 10:30)... thats enough to make us understand that God can do everything God Want, but God let us choose our decision.... Theres nothing secret for me, so doesn't matter if the other see or read it...
    3 seconds ago · ·


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