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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

gud morning all..
hehe tis morning kan,. dunno wat i do oo
wake up at 6.50am but my claz is at 10.00am in da morning. hehehe
take a bath, breakfast, make up, then haaa now mencoret kat blog.
write sumthing. my head full with so many stories.. wanna share it in my blog but stil haven't got da time..
today feel like wanna bring my Lucky to da klaz... but lazty jua..

Miss My Hubby o tis morning. coz he wont woke up when i sms him to awake..
ok da.. jalan dulu... hehe


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Bace dah, Gelak dah, Nangeh da? Hmm KOMEN LEEE.. :P

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