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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh My English!

Ok, Wooho… its Thursday Guys… I’m back. LOL.

Okay for the past three days, I have been very busy with assignment, presentation and workshop! But if you notice, I am still active in FB. Biasa la ba itu mau menyeleweng kan. I tried to write for an entry during the past 3 days, but not working. I need passion to write. Okay, you may found so many grammatical errors in the next paragraph.  Well as I just finish two days workshop in improving my English, I want to try writing in English. LOL. To be honest, I feel jealous to sis Just as she can write in English very well. Not like me. Okay… I admit that I can communicate in English,but I fail in writing, speak in English is easier than to write to me... (of course I ignore about the grammar while I speaking) haha

I’m trying my best in improving my English coz soon I will be a part of the world of working. I got at least 3 interview invitation for now, but I can’t attend none of it coz all of them was far from the city center (KL) i.e JB and in Penang (LOL, how can I got an invitation from penang? I focused my application to job in KL~ still wondered) and the last one was on Petaling Jaya, but the place cannot reach by Public transport (I mean takkan I nak guna teksi hari2 kan?)
So that’s the point, jobs in KL required English and Mandarin. My mandarin is poor. Lol. Every simple word has gone in my memory due to lack of practice. English? I can speak in English very well… but my confidence level is blah blah blah.

Besides, the moderator of the workshop, Datin Zila actually praise me individually as a Sabahan and she admit that the Sabahan can converse good in English than the Peninsularian.I don't feel so, because for me it was individually. If you can speak in English, then the fact is you can. No one can deny that. But I understand, she meant it for overall. The Sabahan can speak well in English. So, what do you think? of course I wanna improve my English too, came on man, she praise you in front of nearly 100 of peoples. I am not going to accept that and the fact is I am not as good as she said... Listen, Read, Speak Out Loud, Tr. That was her advice to us.

Ok, that’s all for now… actually I have something else in my head, I really want to write it and let you all read it but I don’t think it should be necessary… but I want to write it. It’s about something bad happen to me last week and its involve quite lot of people around me. Should I write it down?

Yang Penting HATI Bah.


Tunung D. said...

Wen, I can write very well in English but I can't speak that well in English..Ha3.. terbalik kita ooo..

P/S: Actually it depends with people I converse with

Mouren said...

Practise makes perfect. Although some people says go to h*ll with my English, I don't care much because I learning.

I can speak English because of my parents (especially my Dad). ;)

Ok bah your writing. (^_^)

NasQ said...

aduyai.,.. kena bukak kamus lak cam ni...

panda montel said...

@Tunung D. hahaha boleh pla tebalik kan? macam2 ba orng ni hehe

panda montel said...

@Wyne Mouren hak hak hak... really? mm i dont think so... but thanks. hehe.... yeah... sometimes i also do that. but moretimes i will lose my confident when i am speaking to the malaysian coz malaysian suka gelak. The Eastern never laugh at me

panda montel said...

@Tukang Karut ala tk..... jangan la macam tu.... faham sikit juga tu....

Shila said...

wen, bila aku nk konfiden cm ko ni..?

panda montel said...

@missSenget mihahaha... konfiden ke ngenget? tutp mata ni kasih publish ehhe

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