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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am Sorry Sista

Yesterday, I had called my little sister. Around 30 minutes, she slowly asked me to come back earlier. She means before the day I had bought the tickets. Her reason was acceptable. She said that as I am about to leave them soon, then why don’t spend the time altogether while we had the chance. 

To be honest, I had forgotten the terms of “will leave them soon”. In my heart, though I may leave them coz I will _ _ _, that will not really a “leave” at all, coz family never change. 

But I do understand. Probably she is worried about being ‘alone’, no one will tease and pretended as sneaked on her in the bathroom; bully her; ask her do that and this; mad to her when she get lazy to help me tide the home; No one will cooked for her while she was in the lazy mood (which is all the time haha); no one to pick up at airport on every semester’s holiday; No one will ‘buat ketupat’ with her; and most of all shared her sister with someone else. 

We grew up together. Even my presence was rarely at home. I still have the feeling that she was my little sister and did not have any idea of the world and for that reason I should protect her. That was what I felt towards her although she is 22nd now. I thought everyone did felt the same as I am to their little sister or brother right?

Now, I just don’t know, what should I say to her? I changed the topics when she said that yesterday. The thing was, I had bought ticket on May and I don’t want to waste the ticket plus, I want the great experience by working here (tempat orang). I am sorry sister. I had made up my mind. Don’t worry about all that things. I will be always your sister. Hihihih.

P/s: org len sibuk post entry pasal 121212, aku post benda lain.

Yang Penting HATI Bah.


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