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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Night With My Roommates..

19/10/2010 nights, i spend my two hours and 30 minutes with my beloved roommates.
i take a bath, while Ying is facebooking and carol were practice their dance. Modern dance...
I finish my bath around 10.00pm and carol also finish her practice. that once we decided to go downstairs and get the ice cream and eat at pizza bakery. we choose the Chocolate Cake and take a seat.

lets check out the picture...
The cake has amazing taste...*_^

My Beloved roommates (Ying N Carol)

Really dont like my hair... ( I juz take a bath u Knoe)

My Ice cream and My cake

Posing Again

See how they eat all dats haha

Lovely, i wanna rotate it, but its have the own value to b post like this...

Lamp-lamp-lamp and lamp.. I love Lamp
we finish our cake but cant the ice cream. so we decided to take some walk to the some mini market behind our rental house.. Hehehe then take a very good friendships.. i love them so m uch.. thanks ying, thanks carol.
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