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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Its 9th Years Old already.

For the 1st time after 9 years is over, I feel this way. Feel that u need me fill your emptiness. Thank you. For once again, I let it start again just the way it would be. I am nobody to blame you for all the bad things that had happen. Even it was hurting, but now it was no longer hurt me as much as before. All I want from now on is the happy story. 

I wish you Happy Anniversary. And I would like to say, “Let’s start the new story”. Fill our life with happiness and thousands smiles. Pray for new moment that we will create together.

I just ask u one more things, please honest to me and I will trust you with all I have. So when the right time is come, I'll know that I choose the right decision. Glad that we can make it. So now that we had passed through all the pain and tears, I hope there’s no more paragraph of it in future. 

I am happy and really enjoy this moment. One of the happiest stories I ever had so far. With all my heart, I am thankful. Thank you.

Fakta; Sudah 9 kali kami 'missed' meraikannya bersama tepat 6 Jan.
That's mean never.:) 

Thanks for reading.

Yang Penting HATI Bah.


dill said...



panda montel said...

@dill hehehe tak boleh ke?

dhiera zainudin said...

lame ye wenn... bile nak kawen ni?

panda montel said...

@dhiera hehe nak kawen... tunggu dhiera kawen la dulul. hehe tunang pon lom g la Dhiera. mcm mana nak kawen haha

dhiera zainudin said...

eh, tak payah tunang pun tak pe.. terus kawen. hehehe.

panda montel said...

@dhiera eh tak nak la. ada adat.. kenda ikut adat resam hehe

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