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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What The Problem Is?


The Clocks Show 11.34 pm.. I am still wake up untill This Clocks. Haven't Study yet for the Exam. I Mean Study hard. same like Before I will study as I am. Blogging is my way to express my opinion. Especially when I am struggling to facing something. Honestly I am really stressed out of my own problem. It's all cause by a person. Some friends told me somehow before that she was really hated the problem... I Think I am too like that. I didn't like to facing it... And if I can, i prefer to deleted such problems... But guys, do you know the reason of those problem occured in your living? Do we realized that one thing? 

The Most important thing in our rest of life? Rather than your family, your status quo, your capable, your beloved one, your ambition and rather than everything in this world.. that is HIM who gave HIS life for us.. It's HIM J.E.S.U.S. These name in five Alphabets... really need our realize for the reason that we should living isn't only to thing for the problems in our life but also thanks and gratefull for it's. I am going to trying to grateful for everything that I facing, but I am too weak... I Always feeling hurts when problem never stopping to comes and fullfilled my life.. Oh God, My Jesus, Why YOU let me facing this? I am always blaming HIM. I am always be a stubborn daughter. 

In my life, I always hurting my parents with my stubborness. Forgive me Mum, Dad, Mama, Paa.. You all should scolded at me but i am glad that your forgiveness is always being. Thanks Lord For Giving me They as my parents...A friends ever asks me, why you grateful for your sickness? urmm and I answered it by a smiled.. imagine how bliss I am when a person asks me such question. As God servants, its was a MUST… if I am a real Christian that is God daughter.. 

Then some Sunday morning, a refreshment… as ussually I go to church every Sunday. And it blessed me too much everyday. The pastor were sharing about these topic on that day… I got the answer that mornig… God lead me to understand the Preech from pastor. He is preeching from 2 Thessalonians 1 : 3 – 11 and entitled with “ A Grateful And Pray”. From His sermon I understand one most important things and has changed my point of view for all the problems in my past, present and for those in my future. It’s was such like this, from the fourth sentence, pastor lead us to understand what actually the problems is based with our faith in GOD. Guys, you know what, its was really suprising me when he speaking about How Faith Can Grow Up from it. We all might say, “ aahh, everyones have problems.” And to positive it, we might adding “Problems can make me matured” huh? Am I right? Correct me if I am wrong. 

The next is the way to closer to GOD, he told us, who is mostly an university of impressed University in Malaysia since it’s opened because it’s credibilty to provide a skillfull teacher for Malaysians. Huh, why I am talking about that?

PROBLEMS. God somehow permited the problems to controlled our living. Why? Because that is one of the way He show His Love to you when you are too far from HIM by mean that you aren’t living such HIS planned to you. He call you back to find His Face sometime. Without realize, these makes us increases in our faith isn’t it? Huh… it’s hard to explain actually…believe is the basic and general but faith is when you are following His Words. 

Reading the Bible. Bible is a Revelation from God for those who believed in HIM. With reading it, we are facing Jesus with our ownselves. Do you have same longing with me to see our saviour? It’s really amazing when we’re told that the only way to see HIM is by reading His words. When we know this, and feeling the refreshment, hope we will learn to loving the WORDS and read it’s. Never feel satisfied for our achievement in serving HIM. 

Friends, there are so many soul need to harvest, to be won for God. We should be realized, it’s wasn’t only us have the problems. So take it easy.
Mean submit all into God's hand. Because He knows the best for us. 

But, i would like to confess that as a human being, i am really weak.. I can't say I am perfect because I am Not. But God do. i believe that while I am writing this, He is leading me.. While i heard a song about He Is Mighty To Save by Hillsong.

I know my  problems is still be there. But i know God lead me to something when this is occured. I will let him go if GOD ask me to do so. But deeply in my heart.. I am still don't understand HIS planned in My life. Readers, Help in your pray... GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Owh Lord, I am blessed for this. 


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