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Monday, February 27, 2012

The World Is Waiting For You

Do not be afraid to shine. The world needs what you have to give.

Open up the areas of your being; Expose them to yourself - to others.

You are valuable. You are unique. 

You have much to give. Do not be afraid to give it.

As we risk ourselves, we grow. Each new experience is a risk.

We can try, and maybe fail; And, as a result, grow or hold back and stagnate.

You have the potential to be anything you want. You are free to chooose.

You are limited only by your fears. Let your dreams take over.

Fly with the eagles. Soar into life.

The world is waiting for you.

 ~ Fran Watson ~

Yang Penting HATI Bah.


NasQ said...

Suka ayat "You are limited only by your fears."

Unknown said...

ni lagu Cikgu Wilda utk anak murid ke utk Abg G ? MUAHAHAHA...

Siti Nurhuda Husna Zulkarnain said...

Yeah. Don't afraid to take risk. The bigger the risk, the bigger chance you have towards success.

By the way, I've followed your blog~ =)

dhiera zainudin said...

You have the potential to be anything you want. You are free to chooose

terbaek... rindu ye dekat wen~

panda montel said...

@Tukang Karut hee me too suka dengan ayat tu

panda montel said...

@Cik Bib sejak bila pula aku tukar nama ni cik bib ooooiii :)

panda montel said...

@Siti Nurhuda Husna Zulkarnain thanks will folow ur blog back... sorry for late...

panda montel said...

@dhiera rindu ke dhiera.. wen takde masa nak updet.. pengurusan amsa fail ni...

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