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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lagi2 I Nak cakap dan Mengumpat Pasal Tesco.!!

Really blur  to write today...

Haha… last night while I scanning the bar code price for customer, lot things come out… feel wanna shared as soon as possible right here but too tired to switch on my lappy after my work hour last night.. :’(…
7th day in TESCO. I being quite expert to work. Hehehe… years before one of my bloved aunt ask me to not so WORKHOLIC. Haha I didn’t realize that I am that one either.. coz I love to work when my love my job. And Working at TESCO as a cashier… also make me lil bit workaholic coz I love it.. ( macam ulang ayat jew?) ahaha…

Last nite, 1st time I make a “sort” mony when I closed my account/counter. I used the different Id & password by the way. It’s my TL ( dunno oso what it stand for :P) password and ID. And do you know what in my mind.. its him who sorted the money before gave me the extra money. Huh! Saje nak kenakan aku… benci tol! I sorted 43$ its expensive u knoe… and I m surprised coz my 3 days b4 with using my own ID n password, I never make a sort, SO WHAT BOUT LAST NIGHT?!... 

One more, the security in front end… Wearing the black shoes, black long pants, and black t-shirt printed SECURITY, scolded at me…. “ Macam mana awak ni bukak kaunter!?” – just because I let two childs around 2 years bring the kids trolly from my counter. –I can’t see coz I m scanning and beside both the child use the isle the closed counter in front of me.  HUH?!!!

I no give him a look either.. I m MAD u know… it’s wasn’t my fault. I M human, controlled so much things!. It’s His responsibilities… no need to make it by other mistakes… I know that time my face turn into mad face.. but who cares… HATE YOU SECURITY!!!... luckily your friends-your colleague- is a sabahan and being so nice to me… ya.. sabahan with sabahan right. Thanks to Guy of sabahan.

Then last night also I am told that my rest day is on Thursday, so today I need to work. TIREDLAH. 7th day od I m working and I know I must do extra hour.. haha jangan TESCO Tak bayar suda le…..

Penat plus lapar dah pula. Nak makan dulu la yea….

Ketika waktu berjalan, masa memberiku ruang berkarya.


tihara said...

salam, dropin by here.. nice story I've read the whole page ;)

panda montel said...

hi tihara... hehe tq for reading this one... hope u can understand the broken English of me, hahaha

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