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Saturday, September 25, 2010

“DiGi iPhone 4 Me

I-Phone? Wow.. hey which one of u outside there didn’t want an I-phone as one of your phone collection? Huh? Tell me? Hey dude, I know u are same like me too want an I_phone.. am I right? You girls?  Ha ha ha, don’t make me laugh okay… I know, u also usually like me. I-Phone baby, I always dreamed to have one… an I-Phone that absolutely cheer-up my life.

My Dear I-Phone
i-phone oh I-phone,
If I could, I want to buy one of you…
but unlucky I am,
I m just a student…
Didn’t have extra money to buy you….

I-Phone oh I-phone
I dreamed you since you were born…
I wish you were here…
Stay by my side….
See the film of my life
Wish that we will share the best moment in my life….
But what should I do?

I-Phone oh I-phone
Now DG said they will give a way for us…
I will try my best
So that we can be together
Smiles each other every morning
Treasure the whole day in campus
Talk with our friends here…
And say sweet dream before we fall in sleep

I-Phone oh I-phone
I can feel you
I can see your smiles far away
Coz we both know…
Some more days, we will be live this life together….
I love you I-phone….

DG thanks for make a way for us be apart in life….


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Bace dah, Gelak dah, Nangeh da? Hmm KOMEN LEEE.. :P

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