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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stupid Brain - Typical Attitude

For some people, make joke about someone is a ‘have fun’. But for me that’s one kind of bullying and I don’t like it. Say I over sensitive, say me over reacted, Say me un-matured.

For me, it is bad to call our Fathers name in referring ourselves. This is an east country and we never use or refer our fathers name to call someone except her/his name.

But to be fair in any case, let us inform the person that we don’t like them to call us using our father name. That is not our culture.

Okay, actually… for nor reason I feel the pain every time I was called by my fathers name. Not that I don’t appreciate my dad. But for me, if you are calling my full name regarding any formal matter, I don’t mind.  But why on earth u call me as my fathers name like a joke? Then some one else copied that. I don’t like. Stupid. I have inform you nice and well before that I don’t like you to call me like that, that seem like insulting my FATHER!

Yes! My childhood is not really heaven as I have to accept so many things in my life. I am matured before its time and I feel the pain so much regarding my FATHER.

How could you not understand the simple things like that?

Should I address you as typical Malay that not understood Malay Language?
I spoke several times and asked you politely to stop your joke about my father. But you did not seem to understand.


Yang Penting HATI Bah.


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