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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Election Mood

I am coming to 25th this year... haha proudly ‘barking’ bout my age yah… LOL. It doesn’t matter for me. Age is age and the number of my age is a fact! Why bother not to write it down. Sometimes I feel awkward for some people of being so secretively about many things! Things are not change if we become a bit open minded. Umur pun mau kasi tapuk-tapuk apa juga faedah tu.  
Speaking of age, at this age I actually can vote for Election and I had registered as a voter. But, I am stuck here. Not coming back for election though some people said there were ‘free’ airplane tickets. And I am quit disappointed. Really want to vote. Haha… Not that I am a politics ‘Die Hard Fan’ but because I am a part of this country.  And most of all I am aware of my ‘Land below the Wind’ to have the right back.

Yang Penting HATI Bah.


Tukang Karut said...

selamat menjadi pemilih...

Just said...

ko teda bg details ko utk free ticket tu?? flights available 2/5-6/5, 3/5-7/5 and 4/5-8/5. bagi details sblm 25/4.

Len Inouie said...

mcm mau beli baju headhunter.
aihh~ keluar topik pla.

Cik Bib said...

marilah mari...kita mengundi. #lagu versi lama
jom kita mengundi. jom kita mengundi. #lagu versi baru

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