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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Surprise..

Have u ever given any surprise such like birthday surprise by others? May be ur friends do that or ur family or ur loving one? Ehehe.. it’s quite interesting and fun.
Well, actually i and my friends were juz make a surprise for one of our friend. She got her befday a few weeks b4… she is really surprised and glad to have such surprise. It’s simple. But when u do it all by ur heart, then it’s will be the great and really precious to the one have it. I m glad u happy for it my friend. And all those present u have from us, keep it as our friendships mean a lot. Love u guys…
Buat kawan2 yang di sayangi selalu, hope the friendships will be lasting forever. Jan c lupa or c luka ati sapa2.. always forgive and love each other. Dun forget, oso to always help the other in trouble. I love u a lot guys…


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Bace dah, Gelak dah, Nangeh da? Hmm KOMEN LEEE.. :P

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