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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks Father For What You Give To Me untill 09 February 2009

Until this moment, I am still thinking and seeking for the reason that  i am here right now. Was this my real living or what? I sometimes asked myself, after graduate from here (Upsi) what such job do i apply or may be I will work for. 

 Perhaps, the others says that this is not the great choosen. But, what else I can acheive? I am taking the course that doesn't have any guarantee me a job after i Grad. eventhoug I am study in an Education University.

 I can do anything. I will try the best i can in this study. Eventhough it might not good as the other course ini Uni. 

 As an UPSI, everyones must think that after grad here, the job is waiting for us. But they are wrong.God was that Who give me this way and i believe in HIM. Without His hands i will be nothing since 21st year old before. 

 I let God do what He want in my life. 

I become weak when i look over my problems. Dad and Mom, my sibling, and other. God always keep HIS hand to me. He always took me back to Him when i going so far and show me that theres nothing can compare His Love to me and all people. 

 I want to serve Him as what I am. In Jeremiah 29:11 i got my strength, decide to accept this offer. While I cry for Money to came here, to spend while I am here, God once help me.He put the person arround me to help me. Thanks God. 

 Besides, while i ask for a friends that is from my own places, He also given them to me. Eventhough there was a different between me and them. I trusted Him for all that He have do in my past and for what He will do in my future. I do know, there was no Other LORD than HIM that I serve, and I confess as my own Saviour who is Loving me more than everyone do and also know me more than  I know my self. Lord u are my king. Jesus is my saviour all the time i ask fo HIS help. 

Thank You Jesus. You are the reason that i am  live... The reason that i am writting. I love  You. AMEN.


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