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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Officialy A Civil Servant

It's been few years since I wrote something on this page. Those years was my own choice.

Being a mom for the first time and 2nd time without any mental preparation is really challenging, but I am grateful for the two princesses of my own. I have them now, I have 2 soul that will always rely on me. Look up to me and love me unconditionally.
I have been silenced since then, I did try to make a “comeback” into blogging thingy but it was not as easy as before I deliver a baby and soon own two adorable cutie pie.


Just for “minta Puji” reason, now I finally got a job based on my qualification. Yes, a Teacher, A Preschool Teacher to be exact. Government servant. I am back to my own “Land Below the Wind”. Right on the ‘Chin” of the land.

The place that the least I wanted to be posted years ago. And this place turns out to be an amazing place. It had quite much of things that I miss in KL and I am glad to be “thrown” here.

I met amazing people. I got a very strategic house location. A very helpful community. Most importantly, now I can prove to those backstabbers, and those who badmouthed me that planning to makes family first is not wrong at all.

Prioritizing (raising up) children and family over money and career is also a good planning. Please wakeup people. There is nothing wrong with choosing children 1st over job. Respect their decision, if not you may cause bad impact in your relationship with that person that you judge.

REMEMBER, you are not GOD, and you are no one to force the other adult to choose your suggestion.
I learn a lot about this kind of people for the past few years. People who seek you for their own good and not for the sake of friendship or blood related. Oh, I hate them. Nothing can ever repair the damage that have been done.


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