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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pretend that it's dosen't hurt...

I heard a song play by a deejay from a local radio. and this song make me really think that i can't forget him untill now. i am just pretending that there was nothing. Perhaps he were honest to me to say that he was really apologize but how many times? I have try so much times to get back to him... but what he did to me last semester make me can't.

May be its still not the right time for me to think about marriage. sombody i really need in this moment is him.O GOD, please, help me to forget him. Make me strong, so i can walk in my life such as nothing ever happen. Give me strength to facing him again when i come back to sabah. i need to be strong. i want to show to him that i will  be  more better than anyone he use to hurt me before.

God, pulihkan saya daripada kelukaan ini sepenuhnya. Saya tidak ingin secebis pun kelukaan bertaut di hati. Saya ingin sangat kuat, but sometimes, saya kalah dengan airmata. i still cry for useless stuff. O Tuhan,, berikan aku kekuatan...


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